Budgetary Measures for the Export Manufacturing Sector

Review of the Definition of SMEs: The SME Act will be amended to review the definition of SMEs: Size Turnover Threshold (Rs) Micro From Rs 2 million -10 million Small >Rs 10 million – Rs 30 million Medium >Rs 30 million – Rs 100 million Mid-Market >Rs 100 million – Rs 250 million Mid-Market Enterprise […]

MEXA Budgetary Proposals 2022

On the eve of the National Budget Speech 2022, we would like to reiterate the MEXA Budgetary Proposals, which emanated from the series of consultations with members from different export sub-sectors. MEXA has centered its budgetary proposals on the following 5 key pillars: Enhanced Connectivity A game-changing Renewable Energy Framework Strengthening the Industrial and Export […]

Forthcoming Visit of Textile & Apparel Delegation from Madagascar (15 – 17 June 2022)

As you are aware, there are many commonalities between Mauritius and Madagascar’s economic sectors. Both countries complement each other in different sectors and more so in the Textile & Apparel (T&A) sector. The Textile & Apparel sector remains one of the main drivers of growth of both the Mauritian and Madagascar’s economy. Both economies are […]